Bringing new intelligence to water heaters

Bringing new intelligence to water heaters

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A host of companies have developed smart water heaters or introduced devices to give traditional units some technological wit.

Rheem bills its new Triton water heater not as merely a smart tool, but as the “most intelligent” high-efficiency commercial gas water heater on the market.

What separates it from others, according to the company, are monitoring technology, universal retrofit features and a leak detection and prevention system.

The solution was developed based on customer feedback and unveiled at AHR 2018 earlier this year in Chicago. What those contractors, installers and business owners told the company was that they needed a product that helped them maintain peace of mind.

They want “something that will prevent an emergency. ‘I don’t want a catastrophe on my hands,’ ” said Lindsey Ford, Rheem’s communications manager. “That’s what this does.” 

Triton, available in 80- and 100-gallon capacities, features sensors that detect leaks. If it senses more than 24 ounces of water collecting at its base, the technology will shut off the device.

The unit’s network, upon detecting a problem, can send notification via text to those who can address the issue. 

“It will prevent that catastrophe from happening,” Ford said.

Besides being used in new construction projects, Triton is a viable solution for retrofits as well, Ford said. Five water connection points enable the heater to be situated into a variety of spaces, and flexible venting options make conversion from standard to high-efficiency gas more cost-effective.

Triton also includes:

  • A steel triple pass heat exchanger and advanced power anode, which minimize rust and corrosion and maximize the life of tank. 
  • A condensate neutralizer that reduces water acidity for safe drainage and minimal corrosion.
  • Energy-saving scheduling feature that adjusts to heat water only during peak operating hours.

“It can drop into almost any environment,” Ford said. “So if you are in a situation where you need something replaced today … this is going to work in a number of scenarios.” 


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