EEBA summit to help builders, manufacturers connect

| by Steve Arel
EEBA summit to help builders, manufacturers connect

The show floors of green building trade expositions rarely are the best places for builders to talk strategy and work potential deals with manufacturers. 

With company representatives showcasing their latest wares and demonstrating how those products fit into high-performance structures, conversations tend to get overshadowed by the noisy environment and a lack of privacy.

Understanding the critical nature for builders and manufacturers to connect, organizers of the upcoming Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) High Performance Home Summit will focus more on meaningful networking than simple exposure.

So when they arrive Oct. 10-12 in Atlanta, manufacturers’ representatives and attendees will find that they can come together in private meeting rooms rather than in the middle of a lively exposition, which has been nixed.

“The manufacturers are focused on the builders and not wanting just to pitch to builders, but to learn from them,” said Gene Myers, EEBA’s board president. “It’s also a chance for the builders to get up close and personal with the suppliers and manufacturers in our industry to see what they have that can help them along the path of high-performance building.”

Summit organizers will help attendees – builders, architects and raters – schedule meetings with suppliers and manufacturers, encouraging them to sign up prior to the event’s start. EEBA officials are working on an app through which meetings can be set, but participants also will be able to arrange discussions on site.

While the meetings are opportunities for those in the field to drive discussions with company representatives, it’s also a chance for businesses to provide a peek at new products they might not want to showcase to a larger audience at something like an exposition, said Nancy Bakeman, EEBA executive director.

“They might have things that are not out on the market yet,” she said. “They can talk to builders and find out what their pain points are and their needs. We’ve heard over and over again from manufacturers that this would be more valuable than sitting in an expo at a booth with people just walking by.”

From the standpoint of a builder, architect or rater, the meetings serve as a way for them to help find solutions to problems they encounter in the building process, Myers said. It also provides a means for discovering resources and products that can strengthen their projects.

“That’s something they won’t get anywhere else,” Myers said.

To register for the EEBA High Performance Home Summit, click here.

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