Greenbuild 2016 Product Preview

Greenbuild 2016 Product Preview

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is the Super Bowl of the high performance building world, and everyone brings their A game.

The three-day conference attracts more than 20,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors annually from across the green building sector, spanning commercial and residential professionals, architects, building owners and operators, students, advocates and educators.

At the 2016 event, building product manufacturers introduce their newest products and technology for commercial and residential building.

Here's a look at just some of the products to be found on the floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Spray foam insulation:  Demilec, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of spray foam insulation and polyurea products will showcase Heatlok High Lift, closed-cell spray foam insulation that is comprised of 22 percent renewable and recycled content, and Sealection 500 open-cell spray foam insulation, now approved through third-party testing for use in unvented attics without an ignition barrier. The company says its products will contribute up to 10 LEED certification points.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Products

Heatlok High Lift is the newest version of the manufacturer’s best-selling Heatlok XT. Comprised of 22 percent renewable and recycled content, the enhanced product significantly increases sprayability by allowing up to four inches of foam to be applied in one pass, saving time and reducing the need to have multiple passes to achieve the required insulation thickness or R-value set by the building code.

Open-Cell Spray Foam Products

Sealection 500 is now approved through third-party testing for use in unvented attics without an ignition barrier, eliminating the need for contractors to add a secondary ignition barrier in those applications. The product is engineered with increased energy efficiency, cutting heating and cooling costs as much as 50 percent for property owners. This high-performing product also increases sustainability for residents and occupants by withholding ozone-depleting chemicals like gases, fibers and asbestos.

Countertops and Other Surfaces

Cosentino, a leader in natural stone, quartz, and architectural surfacing, will exhibit new color offerings and innovative applications. The Cosentino booth will feature the latest introductions to Dekton by Cosentino, an innovative, ultra-compact surface with technical properties and performance capabilities that make it an ideal surfacing solution for interior and exterior environments.

Among those products on display: Trilium, Dekton’s new and first-ever eco-friendly color crafted from recycled materials from its manufacturing process. Trilium captures the visual texture and color variation of aged and oxidized stainless steel with hues ranging from deep grays and blacks to rusty undertones. The Cosentino booth will showcase the material’s versatility from a format perspective, utilizing the material in diverse applications including a façade display, large-format tile flooring, as well as an outdoor kitchen in partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living and Brown Jordan.

Plumbing Fixtures

Kohler Corp. will highlight innovations from the KOHLER, STERLING and KOHLER Power brands, including a California Solutions Residential Suite, which showcases KOHLER products that meet or exceed California water efficiency requirements. One new requirement that takes effect in 2017 requires plumbing fixtures to be updated to water-saving models when homes are sold.

Products on display will include:

  • Kohler’s newest water-conserving toilet, the Highline 1.0 gallon per flush (gpf) toilet, which optimizes water flow and timing to maximize performance while reducing water use by 35 percent compared to a 1.6 gpf toilet.
  • Four 1.0 gpf commercial toilets, a solar-powered portable generator, and two models of the Exhale B90 showerhead.
  • Demos and tips for homeowners and industry professionals from Ed Del Grande, Master Plumber and LEED Green Associate.
  • Complimentary LEED consultations to attendees wishing to understand indoor water prerequisites and credit calculations in project designs.
  • Highlights from Kohler’s collaboration with Whirlpool Corporation to research home water use at the ReNEWW House. The project has yielded a year of data on residents’ water use patterns and the effectiveness of grey water collection, which will provide insight into new water conservation solutions.
  • Working models of Kohler’s ceramic filtration system, KOHLER Clarity, and the Closed-Loop Advanced Sanitation System (CLASS). Clarity and CLASS showcase Kohler’s commitment to supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for people globallyRoofing


Boral Roofing, a manufacturer of sustainable clay and concrete roof tile systems, offers the largest number of cool roof rated colors in the Cool Roof Rating Council database. Boral will be displaying its cool roof system with heat displays.

Porous Paving Materials

Porous Pave, Inc. has used more than 7.5 million pounds of recycled rubber used in manufacturing its permeable paving material. An eco-friendly green building product made in the U.S.A., Porous Pave is a highly porous, durable and flexible paving material consisting of recycled rubber, chipped granite aggregate and a liquid binder. The controlled shredding and processing of discarded tires produces the 1/8-1/4-inch, fine-cut chips of recycled rubber incorporated into Porous Pave.

Porous Pave retains stormwater on site, decreasing the volume and velocity of runoff into storm drains and storm sewers. While the porosity of permeable pavers is limited to only the joints between them, the entire surface of Porous Pave is porous. For superior performance, it is engineered with up 29 percent total void space. Water drains through it at a tested permeability rate of 5,800 to 6,300 gallons of water per hour per square foot.

With its recycled rubber, Porous Pave is slip resistant and resilient. It will not freeze, heave, crack or crumble. A pour in place material that can express any hardscape or landscape plan, Porous Pave offers unmatched design versatility and application flexibility. It is the only proven material for installing permeable surfacing on slopes of up to 30 degrees. Porous Pave is available in a variety of permanent and fade resistant colors.

Sustainable Decking

Humboldt Redwood will exhibit California redwood, as an extremely environmentally-friendly and sustainable material, and that its gorgeous cinnamon red and creamy yellow colors makes a stunning addition to a home. Here are some additional environmental benefits that make redwood a spectacular decking and outdoor design material. Redwood is a product that is:

  • Biodegradable: Redwood is far more beneficial than other materials, which might spend thousands of years in landfills. 
  • Carbon Negative: Redwood actually decreases carbon and stores more carbon than emitted in manufacturing. Whereas, man-made lumber, such as plastic composite, releases a very large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 
  • FSC Certified: Today's commercial redwood is all grown on sanctioned commercial lands, with strict state and national government oversight. 
  • Readily Available: There are approximately 1 million acres of certified redwood forestlands. 
  • Strong: Redwood requires less substructure than many other decking options in the market today, which results in a smaller environmental footprint and lower costs (both labor and materials.) The shear strength of redwood is five times greater than plastic/composite decking.
  • Redwood is Naturally Fire-Resistant and Insect Resistant

Metal Coating

Valspar will exhibit its newest coating, Fluropon Pure, an architectural metal coating developed to meet the most stringent sustainability agendas and guidelines. Valspar said the coatings are formulated to be used in projects involving LEED v4 and Living Building Challenge’s Declare programs, and are available in energy-efficient cool roof formulations

Energy Storage

CALMAC will display its ice storage system that can be used to manage peak demands and renewable energy loads. . Ice-based energy storage acts like a battery for a commercial building’s AC. It allows energy to be stored in the form of ice at night - when temps and demand are low and most of the nation’s wind power is generated - for use the next day. During off-peak hours, ice is made and stored inside IceBank energy storage tanks. The next day, the stored ice is then melted to cool the building occupants during peak demand hours. The CALMAC technology has been used in more than 4,000 installations in 37 countries.

Future Building Technology

The Greenbuild KB Home ProjeKt is an unprecedented time-travel look ahead to the years 2020 and 2050 as a way to bring new perspective and strategic scenario-planning opportunities to builders, as well as to showcase some leading ideas that can be implemented today.

The home is designed to be sustainable, resilient, and achieve LEED and National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certifications for energy efficiency today, net-zero energy per California’s 2020 goals, featuring super materials and innovations for 2050.

Composed of cartridges for modularity and movable walls, the home is flexible and able to adapt and change in real-time – and over time – to conditions and people’s needs. Wellness, safety and health features can be found throughout the home -- from cooking equipment, which prevents nutrient loss during food preparation to lighting optimized for circadian rhythms.  Technology also plays a key role in the home, featuring automation systems to achieve the ultimate smart home with unprecedented levels of convenience, efficiency, awareness and wellness.

The home will include products from Cosentino including countertops in Iron Ore from Silestone’s ECO Line, as well as Dekton XGloss Glacier, which will also appear in the master bathroom. Dekton Korus will clad the home’s façade, highlighting the material’s unlimited applications.

In addition, a KOHLER showering system, bathroom fixtures, kitchen sink and touchless faucet will be showcased in the demonstration home.

The Greenbuild KB Home ProjeKt will be available for tours Oct. 5 and 6.

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