LG open automation platform gives users technology advantages

| by Steve Arel
LG open automation platform gives users technology advantages

Users of building and home management systems long have been frustrated by those networks.

In some respects, their relationships with the platforms that would only work with products and devices manufactured by a specific developer have been like a marriage they can’t nullify.

Not anymore.

Customers have spoken, and companies like LG Electronics have listened.

And responded.

The company, sensing the connectivity of more and more products, designed its smartThinQ app to control systems, appliances and devices through a common platform that also is compatible with cloud-based voice services such Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

That move has proven to have a positive impact on both commercial and residential users, as well as position LG systems for more widespread use in the future.

“There’s no more of this proprietary stuff,” said David Graff, senior controls engineer of product development for LG Electronics. “They’re not locked into providers; they’re not locked into equipment manufacturers. … Open is the new thing. In fact, customers won’t stand for proprietary anymore. They don’t want systems that they’re stuck with.

“The equipment is the equipment. What they’re looking to do is change the way they use the equipment and the way they use their building through controls.”

Monitoring multiple systems across several structures continues to be a challenge for many building managers as they try to find easy, insightful means for monitoring and taking action to boost facility performance.

Open systems like LG’s, Graff said, enable them to evaluate and control lighting, building access and rooftop HVAC units that are manufactured by most any company they choose to add to their controls platform.

“Integration is easier, and we’ve made it familiar,” Graff said. “It’s no longer that foreign box that integrators don’t understand. We’ve put it on a familiar global platform.

“We’re constantly thinking of new tools we can build to help them grow their business around this openness and around this capability to meet all of these needs.”


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