LG solutions helping building improve IAQ

LG solutions helping building improve IAQ

As commercial builders and developers constantly look for ways to tighten the envelope of their structures, HVAC systems are critical in keeping indoor air quality at peak levels in those sealed environments.

LG, a leader in the HVAC industry, has honed its line of energy efficient systems through the first part of 2017 to help consumers more easily achieve the desired standard.

The company has unveiled new applications to tie its ventilation products with facility automation networks. And it has extended warranties on some of its most efficient products.

Patrick Barry, senior manager of product development for LG, spoke with Proud Green Building about the impact of high-performance HVAC systems on green and sustainable building projects and the company’s outlook for the second half of the year.

PGB: What do you anticipate will have the greatest impact on the green and sustainable building industry in 2017, particularly as it relates to HVAC solutions?

Barry: In the HVAC industry, there is always focus on developing systems with improved efficiency and sustainability, but the greatest impact to the industry is being dictated by the increasing emphasis on building automation and control.

Cohesive building automation enables building owners and facility managers to more effectively and efficiently manage their systems creating a greener, more sustainable building.

While this change impacts building systems universally, the HVAC system represents one of the largest systems within a building, so its seamless integration and interoperability are essential. It is for this reason LG launched a new suite of controls – LG MultiSITE – that allows building owners and facility managers to directly integrate their LG VRF into a BMS solution. Not only does this integration give building owners the flexibility to manage the system themselves from a single point, but it also enables the building owners to optimize performance according to their needs.

PGB: What impact will your business have on green and sustainable building in 2017?

Barry: To address the growing demand in holistic building management, LG launched a suite of controls products in January, including the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller, Communications Manager and VM3. For the first time ever, building owners can easily design and directly integrate their industry-leading LG VRF technology into a building management solution without the need for a gateway workaround.

This new capability enables the building owners to more effectively manage their building and optimize its performance.

PGB: How is the progress of green and sustainable building in 2016 helping make the work you do an easier sell to clients/potential clients? Are clients becoming more accepting/understanding of the approach and realizing its value?

Barry: Demand for VRF technology and building automation continues to grow as the market becomes more conscientious, not only about environmental sustainability but also the cost savings associated that come with implementing VRF technology.

In the case of one of our factory, lab and office installations in Cleveland, Ohio, called Euclid Chemical, the company experienced a 70 percent reduction in energy costs after LG VRF was implemented.

LG VRF technology continues to prove itself as an obvious choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and operational costs.

PGB: How is achievement and growing interest in commercial green and sustainable practices among those around the world changing the way your business operates?

Barry: LG develops products based on the needs of its customers and the marketplace. As consumer feedback emphasizes green and sustainable solutions, LG will innovate and develop products with those factors in mind.

LG VRF technology inherently affords more opportunities for energy savings than traditional systems. So within the HVAC industry, LG is already ahead of the curve in these areas.

The launch of the LG MultiSITE line is another big step toward greater efficiencies as building owners can now incorporate their already efficient LG VRF systems with other building systems to further optimize overall performance.

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