New insulation product serves multiple commercial purposes

New insulation product serves multiple commercial purposes

EcoBay insulation was featured by Covestro at Greenbuild 2015. (Below) Jim Lambach talks about EcoBay. Photo by

Insulation is quickly becoming a multifaceted product in the commercial sector, not used solely as wall cavity fill. Many builders are using insulation inside and outside of structures to cut down to build up thermal coverage, cut down on potential air leaks and provide a barrier that protects structures for the long-term.

Covestro, a leading supplier of high-tech polymers, showcased EcoBay at this fall’s Greenbuild 2015. The product, among the company’s newest offerings, is considered a benefit in commecial applications because of its versatility, said Jim Lambach, manager for building and construction industrial marketing.

Besides, efficient insulation is a key component in reducing a structure’s energy consumption. Polyurethane insulation systems and technologies, such as EcoBay, can help architects, specifiers, design professionals and other decision-makers meet performance and sustainability goals.

EcoBay is a spray-on material that can be applied to walls, ceiling, floors, foundations, piping and unvented attics. It is made in two grades – one for warm weather application and one for cold weather.

The solution provides a continuous and seamless barrier around a building, featuring an R-value of 6.9 per inch, Lambach said.

Its benefits go beyond thermal coverage, he said. EcoBay qualifies a vapor retarder as defined by the International Code Council and ASHRAE (Class II) at a minimum thickness of one inch and acts as a drainage plane, directing penetrating water downward and outward from a building.

“We’ve done extensive testing,” Lambach said. “This can be used in a lot of different types of commercial buildings.”

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