Samsung brings Wind-Free to Windy City for AHR 2018

Samsung brings Wind-Free to Windy City for AHR 2018

Photo courtesy of Samsung

Samsung brings its new windless mini-split solution to the Windy City this week, spotlighting the technology at the AHR 2018 Expo.

The event runs Monday through Wednesday at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The system, called Wind-Free, provides users in commercial and residential settings with the ideal air condition by maintaining the desired room temperature using wind-free cooling to gently disperse cold air through 21,000 micro air holes on the unit’s front panel when the louver is closed, producing a dispersed and gentle flow of air defined as “still air.” First, the system lowers the room temperature in fast cooling mode and then automatically switches to the wind-free cooling mode once the desired temperature is reached.

The wind-free system has the added ability to connect to Samsung's Smart Home app, which enables occupants to monitor the wind-free unit and all compatible Samsung appliances from virtually anywhere. The app features include basic control and monitoring of power usage, set temperature, fan speed and louver swing.

The app also features Smart Installation and Smart Check. Smart Installation automatically checks for installation faults to ensure the system is installed properly, while Smart Check detects and diagnoses problems with the system to provide quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.

The video below shows how occupants who desire wind or windless settings can adjust the mini-split wind-free device to satisfy their needs while effectively still cooling an area.

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