Whole house ventilation system meets new building codes (video)

 Whole house ventilation system meets new building codes (video)

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As more building codes call for whole house ventilation, a new fan system makes it easier to create supply or balanced ventilation system in a single or multifamily home.

To help builders meet ASHRAE 62.2, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America, introduced the SelectCycler System, a cost effective, whole-house mechanical ventilation solution.

The SelectCycler System combines the best parts of central fan integrated and exhaust fan ventilation to provide the ultimate energy efficient solution for supply or balanced ventilation.

An advantage to the SelectCycler System is that it can be integrated with the home’s existing or new HVAC system and features two modes of operation, hybrid and balanced for affordability and performance.

In Hybrid mode, the supply damper opens to bring fresh air in. If normal heating and cooling cycles do not meet required ventilation, the controller powers on the Energy Star certified WhisperGreen Select fan via the FanConnect wall switch to provide supplemental ventilation, helping achieve the lowest cost per HERS (Home Energy Rating System) point for supply ventilation.

During Balanced mode, the controller opens the supply damper and activates the WhisperGreen Select fan at the same time. If the heating or cooling cycle is too short to meet ventilation needs, the controller will also activate the HVAC/AHU, which helps achieve maximum efficiency, and thus achieves the lowest cost per HERS point for balanced ventilation. 

In addition to featuring all of the benefits of supply and balanced ventilation, the SelectCycler System offers a low cost range hood sensor that solves depressurization issues by allowing “make up air” to enter the home when the range hood is turned on. The SelectCycler System requires only limited homeowner education and interaction and provides peace of mind with a six-year system warranty, when used with WhisperGreen Select.

“At Panasonic, we provide solutions that meet builders’ ventilation needs offering cost effective solutions that comply with LEED, CALGreen, California Title 24, WA Ventilation Code and ENERYSTAR ® for Homes 3.0” said Patricia Monks, Product Manager of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “The SelectCycler System is a highly-effective whole house ventilation system that provides code compliance, high performance and affordability.”

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