10 commercial building water conservation tips for early spring

10 commercial building water conservation tips for early spring

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Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to inspect any damage caused during the winter.

As conditions warm – thawing the ground and warming the air – here’s a list of conservation tips from water conservation firm WaterSignal to help those who own and manage multifamily structures identify leaks and conserve water by staying proactive throughout the spring and summer.

1.) Inspect the building weekly (restrooms, kitchens, water lines, hose bibs, etc.) and make any necessary repairs.

2.) Tour the entire property monthly; thoroughly inspecting water lines and meter vaults for leaks. Also be on the lookout for wet spots and alligatored pavement, as these are common signs of an underground leak.

3.) Inspect cooling towers for valve malfunctions and leaks.

4.) Install meters on the make-up and bleed-off lines to aid closer monitoring, in turn, confirming that the system is operating at optimum parameters.

5.) Inspect your irrigation system for leaks and improperly set timers, as well as broken or misdirected sprinkler heads.

6.) Install rain/freeze sensors on your irrigation system and inspect weekly.

7.) Test the building’s water pressure. Excessive pressure increases the chance of leaking and may cause damage to fixtures.

8.) Replace high-flow fixtures with low-flow. Consider metered valve, self-closing, infrared and ultrasonic sensor fixtures.

9.) Look for products bearing the EPA’s WaterSense label for conservation and performance.

10.) Educate tenants, employees and visitors to conserve water and report leaks.

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