Artificial intelligence unlocks building system data

Artificial intelligence unlocks building system data

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Intelligent building systems generate thousands of datasets, but most control systems only use a select few to meet basic facility management and occupant comfort functions. The remaining uncollected datasets are a lost opportunity.

New tools being developed by McKinstry and Optio3 are designed to unlock building system data to better serve building owners, managers and occupants through artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and automation.

The partnership combines McKinstry’s extensive built environment experience with Optio3’s secure cloud-based IoT technology platform.

“Half of the energy consumed by the built environment is wasted, which is completely unacceptable from both a sustainability and cost perspective,” said Ash Awad, chief marketing Officer for McKinstry. “Data analytics can reduce that waste significantly, but the built environment has been slow to embrace machine learning to streamline facility operations and maintenance. McKinstry and Optio3 are changing that by putting building system data to work.”

“The scale of new technologies being added to building systems is growing exponentially year-after-year, creating considerably more data than we can collect, categorize and analyze manually,” said Sridhar Chandrashekar, cofounder and CEO of Optio3. “Optio3 and McKinstry are removing that limitation and creating tools to manage our built environment in ways that have never before been possible.”

McKinstry deployed the Optio3 platform on its corporate headquarters facility and conducted several months of extensive validation. Under terms of the agreement, McKinstry will work alongside Optio3 to develop the technology for built environment applications.

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