Blanket increases curing efficiency for precast concrete by 300 percent

Powerblanket, an industry leader in construction heating product solutions, recently released new and improved precast concrete product curing blankets designed to increase precast manufacturers’ throughput by as much as 300 percent, according to a press release.

Powerblanket precast curing blankets help to cure concrete faster and more efficiently than accelerators and other admixtures.

When it comes to precast production, curing times generally are slow and have long been the most time-consuming part of production. That is especially true during colder months, when drops in temperature affect slow curing exponentially. As a result, precast manufacturers often use accelerators like admixtures that speed up the curing process.

But the use of such products comes with unwanted side effects.

“They can affect the integrity of the concrete,” said Brent Reddekopp, President of Powerblanket. “The use of any accelerator inevitably dehydrates the concrete during the curing process.”

The Powerblanket solution insulates and heats the concrete externally, maintaining its needed moisture content, the press release said.

In addition to its curing capabilities, Powerblanket heating solutions are easy to install, remove, transport and store. When a form of concrete is cured, the operator can remove the blanket quicker than the form itself.

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