Company launches Sustainable Living construction initiative

Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. has launched Sustainable Living, an initiative using highly engineered construction principals and technologies to deliver cost effective on- and off-grid communities and resorts, according to a press release.

Atlantic will work with large land owners and real estate developers to develop communities and resorts designed to deliver self-sustainable and highly efficient homes.

At the core of the power generation, Toronto-based Atlantic will use solar PV while augmenting the production with solar thermal heating for hot water and pool heaters. Additional heating and cooling will be provided using geothermal radiant heating and cooling.

To ensure ample energy production and conservation, an emphasis on optimally efficient homes and resorts will be made from the start of the foundation. The project will feature insulated concrete form (ICF) construction.

"Given today’s prominent concerns with the economy, environment and geo-political uncertainty, many families and individuals are seeking sustainable living environments that offer secure sources of electricity and water of consistent quality and cost,” said John Wilkes, president of Atlantic Wind & Solar. “Our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) experience is uniquely tailored to renewable energy, as well as residential and commercial real estate and we will leverage this through our relationships with real estate owners around the world.”

Atlantic is a developer of utility scale renewable energy plants with more than 1 GW of projects at various stages of development in Canada, South America, South Asia and the Caribbean.

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