Development offers sustainable housing to Austin’s most vulnerable citizens

Development offers sustainable housing to Austin’s most vulnerable citizens

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

The Bluebonnet Studios social housing development in Austin, Texas, supports a healthy lifestyle through the design.

The property, designed by Forge Craft Architecture + Design, provides housing for the homeless, low-income veterans and local musicians, reports Inhabitat. It features forward-thinking sustainable elements, such as recycled and locally-sourced materials, a well-insulated envelope, optimal orientation, low-flow fixtures and occupancy sensors.

The architects worked with a difficult site and a tight budget, which required a close collaboration between the design, construction and ownership teams.

An important aspect of the design was access to natural light, which the team provided by creating a light well that runs through the center of the building. This emphasis on daylight also allows for most of the building to be functional without artificial light in the event of a power outage – including all circulation.

Heating and cooling are provided by centralized LG VRF units tied to individual apartment thermostats. Each thermostat is coupled to both window sensors and door-triggered occupancy sensors.

All the interior finishes and products were regionally sourced, recycled and healthy. On top of the building, a green space allows for outdoor activities.

Of the 107 single-occupancy units, 22 are reserved for the area’s homeless and low-income veterans, while five are dedicated to local musicians. Each resident received a small package of tools, including a recycling bin, recycling magnet, green cleaning recipes and recommendations for conservative thermostat settings to help residents keep their homes green. Additionally, a green housekeeping program provides a dispensing station with Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals for maintenance staff and janitorial contractors


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