Floor maker achieves zero waste manufacturing facility

Floor maker achieves zero waste manufacturing facility

The Monroe, N.C., manufacturing facility of Bona, a global leader in hardwood floor care and maintenance, has achieved zero waste.

Less than 1 percent of companies in North Carolina can make this claim, according to a press release. Additionally, Bona opened a new distribution facility in Limburg, Germany, last month with a host of sustainable and environmentally-focused features.

By working with partners and internal protocols, as of December 2017, all materials at the Bona N.C. facility in will be recycled, repurposed or reused. This includes waste water, paper, plastic and any hazardous material that may result from the manufacturing of Bona products.

As an ISO14001 facility, these practices are also verified by outside sources to validate the zero-waste claim. Additionally, over the past few years, Bona has installed new lighting, motor controllers and optimized heating and cooling systems to significantly decrease the building’s environmental footprint.

Since 2015 the Monroe facility has reduced its water usage by several thousand gallons annually.

The new distribution center in Limburg, Germany is Bona’s biggest facility investment ever, with almost 10,000 square feet of space. The new facility doubles the capacity for handling and distributing goods in order to support Bona’s plans for growth.

The new center is equipped with solar panels offering power for the facility, as well as supplying power back to the public grid. Other green features include a green roof, heat pumps for heating and charging e-bikes and cars, and an electric shuttle for transporting goods from the nearby adhesive plant. Bona’s Limburg Distribution Center is expected to be operating fully early this year.


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