Future architects get tour of sustainable Fort Hood buildings

Some of tomorrow’s generation of sustainability designers got a glimpse into the structural and functional makeup of today’s green government and military buildings.

Fifth-graders from Williams/Ledger and Hettie Halstead elementary schools in Texas recently took part in an architectural tour of nearby Army base Fort Hood. The gifted education students learned about contemporary issues in architecture, including protecting the environment, according to the Cove Herald newspaper.

The goals of the instruction the students are studying include becoming familiar with mathematical patterns, increasing understanding of the architectural field and designing an original structure. This led to investigating green building and leadership in energy and environmental design certification, teacher Katie Drake said.

The first stop on Fort Hood was the Department of Public Works headquarters.

Students saw rainwater harvesting and solar panels in use in architecture.

A stop at a community garden was included to allow students to view an example of landscape design and understand how neighborhoods can become LEED-certified. Meant to increase students’ understanding of structures both inside and out, the tour took students to Chaffee Village Community Center, a LEED silver-certified building.

Students also got to view a home demolition and investigate the resurfacing of an old neighborhood that is slowly turning into a green space.

LEED-certified architect Matt Wilbourn talked with students about career paths, LEED building materials and the steps of taking a design idea through the process of construction.

“Armed with professional mentors, a field experience and a portfolio full of in-class learning experiences, the students are now planning for the final step in the project,” Drake said. “Using their learning, students are charged with creating their own model structures and practicing the 21st century skill of communication to share their new understanding of the architectural field.”

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