GE spotlights top LED cities

GE spotlights top LED cities

Cities like Seattle, Minneapolis and Oklahoma City are leading the charge and reaping the benefits when it comes to LED adoption, but there is still a long runway.

Less than 20 percent of U.S. residential light sockets contain an LED bulb, which means millions are missing out on this high-quality, energy-saving light source, according to General Electric research.

Changing just one 60-watt light bulb to an LED could save as much as $130 in energy costs over the bulb’s life, enough to buy 40 extra lattes, cover 16 trips to the movies or pay for other fun treats, the company said in a release. It typically costs $5 or less to make the switch and help leave a positive impact on the environment.

Below are the American cities that are leaders in LED adoption, impacting the environment and shaving energy use and costs at home. Cities are ranked by percentages of residents who have purchased at least one LED bulb over the last year.

1.    Seattle – 35.5 percent 
2.    Minneapolis – 32.9 percent 
3.    Oklahoma City/Tulsa, Okla. – 32.3 percent 
4.    St. Louis – 32.2 percent
5.    Richmond, Va. – 30.5 percent
6.    Orlando – 30.1 percent 
7.    Hartford/New Haven, Conn. – 30 percent 
8.    Milwaukee – 29.3 percent 
9.    Nashville – 29.2 percent 
10.  Phoenix – 28.8 percent

LED environmental benefits 
LEDs are 70 to 90 percent more efficient than traditional light sources, leaving a big impact on the environment. If every American switched out one 60-watt traditional bulb with an ENERGY STAR LED bulb: 

  • We’d eliminate seven billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s equivalent to removing the emissions from 648,000 cars.
  • We’d save $566 million in annual energy costs. That’s enough to light 2.6 million homes for a year.


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