Group proves net-zero buildings don’t have to be more expensive

A common assumption is that sustainable technology is much more costly than standard ways of building, but developers are showing that does not have to be the case.

The cost of sustainable technology has actually decreased in recent years, according to a story from Deseret News. In particular, people tend to falsely believe that net zero buildings (buildings which create the same amount energy they use) are especially costly. But the nonprofit Giv Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, says its new $16 million, 112-unit apartment building at 355 N. 500 West is “not only the tallest net-zero apartment building in Utah, it’s the first in the state to be built for less than the traditional cost of such buildings, with savings of $565 per unit in mechanical and electrical systems.”

Interest in net-zero development intrigues builders not only because of energy savings, but because of health benefits as well, such as improving air quality. Many government agencies across the country are advocating for increased adoption of this technology, and it is becoming more affordable and accessible.

Topics: Energy Audit / Energy Management, Great Commercial Buildings, Highrise Residential

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