Henning Larsen Architects brings sustainable Scandinavian design to Minneapolis

According to Inhabitat, Henning Larsen Architects and MSR Design unveiled their competition-winning designs for Minneapolis’ new Public Service Building — a municipal building that will integrate the Scandinavian ethos with sustainable design.

Located across from Minneapolis City Hall, the multi-purpose structure is envisioned as the city’s new face of public service and will offer healthy work spaces for city employees as well as public areas. The building is designed with the hopes of achieving LEED Gold certification.

The project draws inspiration from the abundance of greenery and parks in Minneapolis by incorporating a public landscaped plaza. To minimize energy demands, the architects used climatic simulations and analysis to determine the massing and orientation of the building.

An optimized facade system will help modulate the amount of natural light in the building, while indoor plants and a natural materials palette will promote employee well-being.

Topics: Architectural Firms, Office Buildings

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