How a 12-year-old helped bring ocean sustainability to D.C.

Even  young  people  can  profit  with  sustainability. 

As 12-year-old Carson Kropfl looked around the streets of Washington D.C. during his first visit to the Capitol, he was reminded about how much his business, Locker Board, had changed in such a short amount of time, according to AmericanInno. “I started going to skate shops and they had recycled skateboard decks that people weren’t using anymore,” said Kropfl. “I took those skateboard decks and chopped the ends off and made them into locker boards.” Kropfl’s business was recently featured on the hit show “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries pitch investors. Locker Board won over quest panelist Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, as his investor. Since being on the show, Kropfl’s business has seen a 300-percent increase in sales.

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