India's digital village gets top green rating

India’s Raithal community has been awarded platinum status by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), making it the first digital village in the country to be certified a “green village.” 

The award recognizes Raithal village as a “global leader” for its achievement at creating an ecosystem that meets the criterion laid down by IGBC under its Green Village Rating System, reports Fin Extra. These include health and hygiene, village infrastructure, water conservation, energy availability and efficiency, materials and resources, social and community actions and green innovation.

The honor also makes Raithal the first certified green village of Rajasthan.
The recognition comes on the heels of Raithal being transformed by ICICI Bank into a digital village. In line with the bank's vision, Raithal is one among the 100 digital villages dedicated to the nation last year.

The effort involved digitization of transactions and other commercial activities, providing vocational training to village residents, extending credit facility, as well as helping the villagers to access markets to earn a sustainable livelihood. The bank has transformed 600 villages across India into ICICI Digital Villages.

ICICI Group has undertaken several initiatives toward developing Raithal, India’s first digital village, into a certified a green village:
• Setting up of a Green Village Committee with a view to ensure cleanliness in the village
• Providing facilities like safe and adequate drinking water, along with health and sanitation facilities to enhance the quality of life of the village residents
• Facilitating the segregation of wet and dry waste by providing bins at various nodal points of the village 
• Creating a rainwater harvesting system
• Training villagers on skills, such as dairy farming and vermi-composting
• Providing vocational training to the villagers to help them earn a sustainable livelihood
• Undertaking tree plantation activities in and around the village 
• Commissioning a branch in the village that runs entirely on solar power


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