Infographic: Arsenal of technology to protect planet

Keeping the air clean, the Earth green and our waters blue is as important as ever for consumers, corporations and citizens in general.

Since the Industrial Revolution, our planet has become more dependent on technology and the energy that drives it. To power homes, businesses, schools and public places, we turned to coal and other environmentally-detrimental power plants to fuel our cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles.

These methods are effective, but non-renewable and have disastrous long- and short-term effects on the environment.

In this modern age, new technologies are the answer. Zero-emission power plants, such as wind and solar, are cleaning the air while hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars are revolutionizing the way we drive.

The infographic below from ConsumerProtect looks at new technology designed to power the world and protect the planet.

Topics: Energy Saving Products, Energy Storage - Solar Energy Storage, Solar Energy & Solar Power, Sustainable Communities, Technology, Urban Planning and Design, Wind Power

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