Infographic: Case for conservation-friendly construction

Construction methods need to be more environmentally friendly. However, this isn't just a case of green energy and sustainable materials, plans must also account for the local ecosystem.

The construction of both residential and commercial properties is encroaching further and further into the countryside. As a result, wildlife habitats are negatively affected and biodiversity suffers.

In addition, changing animal behaviors in urban areas are being caused by a range of human factors. These include air and light pollution, as well as habitat loss and fragmentation, among others.

As towns and cities take over more green space, we're increasingly likely to encounter wildlife or share our home with them. A surprisingly common example of this is bats roosting in and around homes.

Thankfully, there are solutions being developed to allow us to coexist peacefully with our indigenous animal species. The infographic below by Roof Stores explores what issues exist and how conservation-friendly construction can remedy them.

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