L.A. museum proves to be golden

The $140 million museum The Broad has an unrivaled collection of contemporary art. Now it has something else: environmental credibility, according to the website DT News.

Staff at the Los Angeles museum have announced that the 120,000-square-foot attraction has been award LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certification from the U.S Green Building Council.

“We were very deliberate during the design and construction process in incorporating sustainable elements into the building,” museum Founding Director Joanne Heyler said in a statement. “We do everything from recycling brochures to using environmentally smart LED lights in all of our public spaces.”

Energy-efficient elements and practices in the museum range from having 10 electric vehicle charging stations and offering employees free Metro Tap cards to encourage the use of mass transit, to a 35,000-square-foot top floor gallery that most days is illuminated by natural diffused light from skylights, meaning limited use of electric lighting. There also are rooftop drains that route rainwater to street-level gardens and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures.


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