Morocco’s 2026 World Cup bid had sustainability in mind

Moroccan officials believe it can host the 2026 world cup and still retain environmental sustainability as one if its largest concerns.

In 2011, Morocco altered its constitution to include environmental sustainability and has since been a national advocate for green initiatives. Of all 14 potential world cup venues in Morocco, nine need to be built, and of those nine, six are “legacy modular stadia," planned with sustainability in mind. The LMS meet BREEAM and HQE certification, and officials say that are “100 percent environmentally responsible." They have been designed to feature such green components as photovoltaic cells, rainwater recovery, solar water heaters, waterless urinals and on-site waste management.

According to Moroccan bid chief Hicham El Amrani, “It will be a benchmark to bring the World Cup back to a more humane, more human, more authentic experience. We don’t need to have 100,000-seaters all across the country. [We can] use that opportunity to push for a shift of mindset into a more environmentally friendly attitude of our citizens as well. That is a great goal to have.”

Topics: Civic and Cultural Centers, Sports and Recreation, Sustainable Trends and Statistics

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