New efficient boiler targets commercial market

Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., manufacturer of heating, cooling and hot water systems, has introduced a new boiler that’s designed for commercial space heating and domestic hot water applications.

The Buderus SSB industrial boiler are available in 798 MBH and 1024 MBH standalone units, or a 1024 cascading unit, designed to cascade to meet demands up to 4096 MBH, the company said. The solution is considered ideal for schools, hotels, office buildings and warehouses.

Engineered with contractors in mind, the Buderus SSB industrial boiler models’ single-platform design allows for easy installation and startup. In addition, the unit features flanged supply and return connections on both sides of the units, as well as a compact footprint, giving contractors install location flexibility.

The Buderus SSB industrial boiler features dual heat exchangers for increased capacity, which includes two 316L stainless steel watertube heat exchangers with easily accessible supply and return connections. The patented heat exchanger design provides consistent combustion for longevity and durability, with precision welds for increased reliability. The boiler can achieve up to 96.8 percent thermal efficiency with up to 10:1 modulation on a single unit and 40:1 modulation at maximum-cascaded capacity.

Designed for both space heating and domestic hot water, the boiler works with multiple building communication options, including Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks. It includes an on-board control with a 7-inch external touchscreen display to streamline common applications like connection to a room thermostat, system monitoring, outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority standard. It also features an internal HMI screen that provides system-level parameter adjustment.


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