New video makes case for building with wood

New video makes case for building with wood

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A new video produced by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute highlights the environmental benefits of wood construction and using wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The five-minute "Forest to Frame" video seeks to enhance public understanding of how building more structures with wood helps address pressing global challenges, such as population growth and climate change.

Wood stores carbon, meaning increased use could help fight climate change, OFRI Director of Forest Products Timm Locke said in a press release.

"Half of the dry weight of wood is carbon," he said. "Wood buildings are essentially huge carbon storage units. This fact alone is causing more and more architects, engineers, developers and policymakers to take a fresh look at building with wood."

With the advent of advanced wood products such as glulam and cross-laminated timber (CLT), architects and engineers are using wood for structural components in an increasing number of commercial structures, including midrise and even highrise buildings. Project teams are developing all-wood and hybrid building designs that address seismic and fire safety requirements, and building codes are starting to recognize these applications of wood, according to the release.

Oregon has emerged as a major advocate for the wood-building movement, with dozens of projects underway across the state, including several using CLT in structural applications.

"There are plenty of good reasons to build with wood, and we see a ton of value in the momentum building in this state for wood buildings," Locke said. "We hope this new video contributes to that momentum."


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