Survey: Americans avoid touching restroom surfaces in commercial buildings

Survey: Americans avoid touching restroom surfaces in commercial buildings

Most Americans avoid touching the surfaces in public restrooms, according to a recent study.

The survey by Bradley Corp. revealed that 57 percent of Americans prefer to operate the toilet flusher with their foot rather than use their hands. Meanwhile, 55 percent said they used a paper towel to avoid touching the door handle directly.

And 45 percent open and close the outer door with their hips rather than their hands.

More than 1,000 Americans were polled in a Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corp., a manufacturer of commercial washroom products.

Almost 60 percent of respondents claimed to have had an unpleasant experience in a public washroom. The top complaints included bad smells, toilets that were clogged or not flushed and washrooms with a dirty, unkempt or old appearance.

When asked about their hand washing habits, 92 percent of respondents said it was important to wash their hands after a visit to the toilet. However, only 59 percent of men and 75 percent of women said they actually did so.

"When we asked about the single most important improvement respondents would like to see in restrooms, 'cleanliness' topped the list," said Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing and strategic development for Bradley Corp. "Restroom hygiene is a hot button with Americans, since 85 percent say they hurry to exit a restroom when it's unpleasant."

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