'World’s most sustainable' shopping center to feature rooftop farm

'World’s most sustainable' shopping center to feature rooftop farm

Image courtesy of Frasers Property Australia

Property manager and developer Frasers Property Australia says a 2,000-square-meter urban farm and greenhouse atop a proposed shopping mall in suburban Melbourne, Australia, could be the world’s most sustainable shopping center.

The complex will be part of a mixed-use development that will include a range of residential buildings on a 20.5-hectare site at the former Burwood Brickworks site in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood East, reports Architecture AU.

The “world’s most sustainable” claim hinges on the completed complex achieving the standards set out in the Living Building Challenge (LBC), which founders the Living Future Institute describe as the “world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings.” Of the 15 built projects to have achieved the standard, none are retail. 

The LBC requires qualifying projects to set aside 20 percent of the total area for food-producing planted space.

Frasers are looking for a tenant to occupy the rooftop space who will be responsible for delivering the design and construction of the rooftop garden. The design calls for a 650-square-meter glasshouse, 1,000 square meters of outdoor planting and a 250- to 350-square-meter restaurant or café.

Construction will begin mid-year.


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