Commercial Food Preparation Finds a Boost for Hot Water Needs

Commercial Food Preparation Finds a Boost for Hot Water NeedsPublication Type:
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As with any business, when demand for your product or service increases, so does your demand of needs to achieve them. Such was the case for a meal prep company based out of Indiana. The company was preparing over 40,000 healthy meals every year for the community and needed to find a facility, and the right equipment, to meet their needs.

The cost of a new, larger tank water heater and its’ associated energy costs were prohibitive.  Adding EcoSmart® SmartBoost™ provided a solution that delivered more hot water when needed, without having to replace the tank. 

EcoSmart Green Energy Products

Just as a home relies on hot water for function and comfort, so does the business world. Hot water is essential for the day-to-day operations in most businesses from restaurants to doctor’s offices to laundromats. EcoSmart has various tankless water heater models that help to keep business running smoothly, effectively, and economically with hot water solutions.

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