Ensure Water Quality for Commercial Projects with a Customized Design

Ensure Water Quality for Commercial Projects with a Customized DesignPublication Type:
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When water quality for commercial projects is sub-par, equipment suffers damage and inefficiency and there may be the risk of implications for public health. It's important to look at the chemistry in terms of chlorine and chloramine (compound of chlorine & ammonia) and any other pollutants, as well as, the balance and condition of the water in terms of pH, alkalinity, hardness and total dissolved solids that could adversely affect equipment or a process.

Environmental Water Systems

Environmental Water Systems' (EWS) long-lasting water filtration systems provide clean water, creating a healthier building. Water filtration systems are good for skin and hair health, help prevent cancer by removing carcinogenic compounds, and alleviate symptoms associated with asthma, allergies and other health problems.

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